Where Fantasy Meets Cricket Realism.

Experience the thrill of managing your own cricket team comprised of real players from international leagues.

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Custom Contests

Create private contests and challenge your friends or join public contests for bigger prizes.


In-depth Analysis Tools:

Utilize advanced tools for player performance analysis and team optimization.


Flexible Contest Formats

Participate in various contest formats, including daily, weekly, and season-long leagues.


Fan Sport Skill

At Fan Sport Skill, we’re passionate about cricket and fantasy sports. Our platform offers cricket fans an immersive experience where they can create their dream teams, strategize, and compete in exciting contests. With a commitment and transparency, we aim to provide a platform where every user can enjoy the thrill of fantasy cricket in a safe and secure environment.

Your Ultimate Cricket Fantasy Destination.

For the Love of Cricket, Fantasy Reigns.

Participate in contests, showcase your skills, and compete against other cricket enthusiasts worldwide.


What Our Customers Say

Step into the World of Cricket Fantasy.

Fan Sport Skill took my love for cricket to a whole new level! Managing my fantasy team is addictive, and the platform is user-friendly.

– Rahul S.

I’ve tried several fantasy cricket platforms, but Fan Sport Skill stands out with its policy and engaging gameplay. Highly recommended!

– Priya M.

Thanks to Fan Sport Skill, I can finally showcase my cricketing knowledge and compete against other fans. The experience is unmatched!

– Arjun K.

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